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Top 10 Useful Mechanical Engineering Apps in India

This list is specially curated for the working class as well as the budding mechanical engineers. Check out this article to know the Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Apps in India.


In this technology-driven era, almost everything has an application built for its understanding.

Whether it’s cracking any competitive exam or learning a new skill, you can do everything with the ease of downloading relevant applications on your smartphone. 

 One of the broadest branches of engineering, Mechanical engineers, develop technologies to meet human needs. Nearly every product or service has been touched in a way by a mechanical engineer to help humankind.

Engineering deals with the study and research of complex systems and its effective operations enhanced by computer applications. However, with these simple mechanical engineering apps, mechanical engineers can make their work simpler and efficient. 

In a nutshell, mechanical engineering involves the designing, production, and operation of machines.

Read this article till the end to get all your questions answered regarding the mechanical engineering apps.

Why do mechanical engineers need an app?

Mechanical engineers’ primary task involves designing products, which is undoubtedly not possible without using an application. 

This is why mechanical engineering schools provide knowledge of basic apps like CAD (Computer-aided design).

Apps developed for PC work only when you use them on computers while others are mobile-friendly, letting you use them on smartphones. 

Best Mechanical Engineering Apps

There are plenty of mechanical engineering apps available on the Play Store related to mechanical engineering. But, most of them are not suitable for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Scrolling down is the list of Top 10 Apps for Mechanical Engineers.

AutoCAD – DWG Viewer And Editor

Publisher: Autodesk Inc.

AutoCAD is a DWG viewing and editing app consisting of easy-to-use drawing and drafting tools. 

It allows you to edit and view DWG files and create new CAD drawings effortlessly. 

Moreover, it helps you work seamlessly across platforms – from desktop to mobile and then back to the desktop. 

It is an ideal app for engineers and architects, construction professionals, field technicians, and contractors. 

If you are still unsure about this app, you can go for its 7-days free trial that allows you to enjoy unrestricted access to all its premium drawing, drafting, and editing tools. 

Download AutoCAD DWG Viewer & Editor from the Play Store.

Mechanical Engineering 

Publisher: Softecks

This app covers 40+ mechanical subjects with over 4000+ topics, which are useful for all mechanical students and professionals, making it indeed a one-stop solution for all mechanical engineering needs. 

This app aims to motivate engineering students and professionals worldwide to learn all essential concepts of engineering. 

It is enriched with animated videos to strengthen the concepts and has 1000+ question answers beneficial for preparing for Competitive Exams and job interviews. 

Moreover, it provides you with frequent updates and news regarding mechanical engineering and helps you be a part of the community to discuss anything related to engineering. 

Download Mechanical Engineering from the Play Store.

DWG FastView-CAD Viewer And Editor

Publisher: Gstarsoft Co., Ltd.

DWG FastView is cross-platform CAD software that meets designers’ requirements in all types of situations and is fully compatible with DWG, DXF.

It provides accurate and quick access to all your drawings and does not even require registration and allows offline drawings. 

You can easily switch between 2D visual mode and 3D visual mode with the 3D model, including features like 3D Wireframe, Realistic and 3D Hidden with the powerful tools of Layer, Layout, and ten different perspectives viewing.

Moreover, the app has helpful and responsive technical support. 

Download DWG FastView from the Play Store.

Mechanical Engineering One

Publisher: Multi Disciplinary Software

Mechanical Engineering One is one of the most comprehensive apps and can be your primary engineering aid in the field, design process, and school.

The app has a simple user interface for you to use in the field, as the app’s primary aim is to help you with the daily problems you may encounter as a mechanical engineer.

The app includes various reference tables, calculators, converters, with all the tools having both Metric (SI) and Imperial (US) units.

Download Mechanical Engineering One from the Play Store. 

3D CAD Models Engineering

Publisher: CADENAS GmbH

3D CAD app provides its users with direct access to thousands of parts from more than 400 certified catalogs of leading global manufacturers.

This app allows the users to easily download 2D and 3D CAD models completely free of charge, and the users can easily configure these models. 

Moreover, all CAD models are certified by the suppliers, and all the current formats are available on this app. 

Overall, it is beneficial and an effortless app for purchasers from the mechanical engineering, automotive, and the building industry. 

Download 3D CAD models engineering from the Play Store.

Engineering Cookbook

Publisher: Loren Cook Company

The Engineering Cookbook is a complete reference guide for professionals and students in the field of mechanical engineering.

It provides easy access to frequently needed pieces of information, including Fan Basics, System Design, Duct Design, Motors & Drives, Heating & Refrigeration.

Moreover, it also comes with formulas as well as conversion factors. 

All in all, it is a knowledgeable and helpful app for quick basic reference. 

Download Engineering Cookbook from the Play Store.

Mechanical Engineering Mag

Publisher: GTxcel

Mechanical Engineering Magazine is an award-winning monthly flagship publication of ASME.  

The Magazine was first published in 1880 and later adopted in this app format as well. 

It offers a multidisciplinary view of engineering trends and breakthroughs, providing readers with a roadmap to understand current technology and future innovations. 

The app includes issues dating back to January 2012, with new issues being available for download monthly.

Download Mechanical Engineering Mag from the Play Store. 

Mechanical Terms

Publisher: Useful Education

This app is a mechanical glossary that offers definitions for terms commonly used in mechanics and mechanical engineering.

It is a list of mechanical terms along with laboratory tools and equipment.  

In addition to its alphabetical arrangement for easy search, it also provides a detailed description of each term. 

If you are a mechanical engineering student or are anyway associated with this industry, Mechanical Terms is undoubtedly an ideal app for you. 

Download Mechanical Terms from the Play Store.

Mechanical Engineering (GATE, RRB, JE, SSC, ESE)

Publisher: Pink Developer

This app is one of the most admirable and productive exam preparation mechanical engineering apps that will help you prepare for competitive examinations for mechanical engineering. 

It has a collection of all study materials and previous year question papers along with MCQs and their solutions, and it is all free of cost. 

Here you can find all core subjects and their solved papers of the mechanical branch on one platform. 

And the best part about this app is that it is compact, which means that it does not occupy much of your phone storage and provides you with a vast amount of study materials.

Download Mechanical Engineering (GATE, RRB, JE, SSC, ESE) from the Play Store.

Mechanics of materials

Publisher: All Edu Apps

Mechanics of materials is a useful app in understanding the concepts of mechanics along with testing your knowledge.

This app can be used by students who are preparing for competitive exams as it consists of Mock Tests and previous year papers for various competitive exams in engineering. 

Moreover, it is useful for industry professionals working in the design and CAE field to prepare for technical interviews. 

It helps to understand various mechanical concepts effortlessly. 

Download Mechanics of Materials from the Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best app specifically for Mechanical Engineering Students?

  • For the students preparing for competitive exams, you can choose from the Mechanics of Materials or Mechanical Engineering (GATE, RRB, JE, SSC, ESE).

Q. How do these apps help mechanical engineers?

  • These applications can help them to learn and work smoothly, time-efficiently as well as less-costly. 


We hope that this listicle would have helped you choose an app depending upon your needs. If you download any of these mechanical engineering apps, let us know your experience with them.