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Top 10 Electrical Engineering Apps in India

This list is specially curated for the professionals as well as the budding electrical engineers. Check out this article to know the Top 10 Electrical Engineering Apps in India.


Electrical Engineering deals with the study, design, and application of devices, systems, and equipment that use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. 

It requires an in-depth knowledge of mathematics and circuitry, and there are a lot of e-books and software available to ease the work of electrical engineers. 

Using applications is an excellent way to improve productivity, skill, and proficiency for electricians and electrical engineers. 

Scrolling down is the list of the top 10 electrical engineering apps in India. 

The apps listed below include the electrical engineering study apps and electrical calculator apps, making it a comprehensive list. 

Why do Electrical Engineers Need Apps?

Electrical engineers and electricians need a literal toolbox as well as a virtual toolbox to work. These virtual toolboxes are nothing else, but the applications are enriched with software and tools to ease their work.

Apps developed for PC work only when you use them on computers while others are mobile-friendly, letting you use them on smartphones. 

Top 10 Electrical Engineering Apps

When you search for Electrical Engineering apps on Play Store, it will show you several apps. However, most of them are not useful to you. 

Here we’ve curated a list of the Top 10 Electrical Engineering Apps in India that you can download on your smartphones.

Mobile Electrician

Publisher: Anatoliy Tarasenko

Ratings: 4.6 ★

Downloaded by: 1M+ users

Mobile Electrician is a highly useful app for electricians and electrical engineers. 

You can use this app to learn various concepts from scratch with easy tutorials. 

It includes many concepts related to the field of electrical engineering and also has calculators as well as formulas.

Thus it can be used by students to learn concepts as well as professionals to ease their work.

Download Mobile Electrician from the Play Store. 

Electrical Calculations

Publisher: Ettore Gallina

Ratings: 4.6 ★

Downloaded by: 1M+ users

The electrical calculations app has many calculations to help you with all your calculations related to the electrical sector.

The app has various formulas and calculations like main calculations, electronic calculations, calculations concerning the motor, conversions, and much more.

Moreover, it comes with a few other languages that can help you learn things with the comfort of your choice of language.

Download Electrical Calculations from the Play Store.

PICmicro Database

Publisher: IODEMA Srl

Ratings: 4.4 ★

Downloaded by: 1M+ users

The PICmicro database allows you to check the characteristics of all the PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers produced by Microchip Technology.

You can search for your favorite microcontroller on this app, read the features, apply filters, and you will also be introduced to many new features in future versions.

The application unifies seamlessly with the program Electrodoc, which is also an app that can be downloaded from Play Store.

Download PICmicro Database from the Play Store. 

Basic Electrical Engineering

Publisher: Engineering Apps

Ratings: 4.4 ★

Downloaded by: 500K+

This app is a complete digital book covering all essential topics, notes, materials, news, and blogs on Basic Electrical Engineering.

The app consists of more than 100 topics with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas, and course materials, which can be useful for students and professionals to get a quick revision before their exams or interviews.

You can use this app as a reference or for tracking your study time or even sharing your views through blogs. 

Download Basic Electrical Engineering from the Play Store. 

Circuit Jam

Publisher: MuseMaze

Ratings: 4.0★

Downloaded by: 500K+

This app works on the fantastic concept of learning while playing. It has puzzles that will help you learn and apply circuits from the basics. 

It is packed with sophisticated graphics and simulation technologies that allow you to learn electronic circuits’ concepts remarkably.

This app lets you discover 100+ challenging puzzles while learning over 10 essential circuit components. 

To solve the puzzles, you will get to make connections, set component values, and operate switches. 

Download Circuit Jam from the Play Store.

Electrodoc – electronics in your hand

Publisher: IODEMA Srl

Ratings: 4.6 ★

Downloaded by: 100K+ users

Electrodoc, formerly known as Electrodroid, is a simple and powerful collection of electronic tools and references.

This app has an excellent collection of electronics and electrical calculators and computation tools and documentation resources along with nicely laid out diagrams & schematics. 

It is a handy tool to be used in electronic circuits that allows you to put your values and calculate them better and faster.

Overall, it is a very accurate, useful, and fast app.

Download Electrodoc from the Play Store.

Electronics Calculator

Publisher: AppDevGenie

Ratings: 4.5 ★

Downloaded by: 100K+ users

Electronics calculator, again, is a handy tool for electricians and electrical engineers.

It is a utility application consisting of various calculators, conversions, reference tables, and a basic pocket calculator.

The app is very easy to use and comes with a neat and elegant layout.

Moreover, it has many different units for conversion; you may not even have heard of some of them.

Download Electronics Calculator from the Play Store.

Learn Electrical Wiring

Publisher: Muzakkir

Ratings: 4.3★

Downloaded by: 100K+ users

This application has an ample amount of information related to electrical wiring.

It consists of a lot of topics with their detailed explanation.

And the best part about having this app is that you can use it without an internet connection.

All in all, it is a useful application if you want to learn or revise electrical wiring. 

Download Learn Electrical Wiring from the Play Store.

Electrical Technology

Publisher: Engr Wasim Khan

Ratings: 4.3★

Downloaded by: 100K+

Electrical Technology is a handy app that can be used to learn electrical engineering concepts and use electrical calculators. 

The best part about having this app is that it is free and can be used without h

An internet connection. 

It has 10+ advanced electronics and electric calculators and electrical engineering articles and notes.

Moreover, the app is easy to navigate and can be guided in 46 different languages. 

Download Electrical Technology from the Play Store.


Publisher: Vladimir Djokic Djole

Ratings: 3.8★

Downloaded by: 500K+

DroidTesla is an easy and powerful circuit simulator tool.

It is a quick, handy tool to perform electronics circuit design calculations.

This app is ideal for students that are new to electronics circuit designing and construction or hobbyists, or even seasoned professionals.

Download Droid Tesla from the Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best game app for Electrical Engineers?

  • Circuit Jam is an innovative app that can help you to learn while solving puzzles. 

Q. Which app is a must-have for all Electrical Engineering students?

  • There is no one particular best app, but depending upon your needs, you can decide which one would be the most suitable app for you. 


We hope that this listicle would help you to choose an app depending upon your needs. If you download any of these electrical engineering apps, let us know your experience with them.

Thank you for reading!